Tips for Putnam Apr 15th-16th

Just a few tips that will make your weekend a lot easier!

***Must have driver’s license or photo ID at registration***
***Putnam Park does not allow Friday set-up for anyone (including MCRA)***

Friday April 14th from 5pm-8pm (Eastern time!) Beth will be open for early registration at the Super 8 in Cloverdale. (address: ) Registering Friday evening will set the tone for the rest of your weekend. Once you’ve gotten that out of the way then all you have to do the next morning is get your bike through tech and be ready for riders meeting. At this time, we are almost completely sold out which means the morning will be hectic. Spare yourself the pain of standing in line and rushing around trying to get ready.

Saturday gates open at 6:30am. When you pull into Putnam Park, please only use the right lane to line up for your signature and arm band at the gate. You may notice a few people drive up the left lane but only track officials and MCRA officials can use the left lane. All participants including MCRA coaches and vendors need to stay in the right lane so we may hurry to set up for you. Registration will be in the main tower and opens at 7:15am. Tech will be in garage #1 and also open at 7:15am (Coaches in garage 2 and 3).

Riders meeting at 8:15ish and is a mandatory function with us, no matter your experience. It takes priority over you being ready to ride in your first session. Registration and Tech close during riders meeting.

Please keep your pit set-up to a minimum. Paddock area at Putnam can be tight with a full house so please be kind and make space for everyone.

We will have tire reps, suspension reps, parts and accessories reps and an official photographer taking pictures for you.

Racers must be signed up for all races by 11am!
Racer’s Meeting will be held during lunch break.
Please read rule book updates for 2017.

Race Clinic…you must attend the 8:15 riders meeting and your class room begins immediately following riders meeting on the second floor of the tower.

Just a few weeks away, please check here for updates as we get closer to the event!