Tips for NCM Oct 15th-16th

NCM Tips for the Weekend

Round 7! Races 13 & 14! It’s been a great season and we’re looking forward to the NCM finale!

I guess we should start with the noise restrictions at NCM. The track keeps us to a 103 @ 50ft dB level. If you have an open exhaust or have made modifications to your exhaust (removing packing material), you will run the risk of raising the sound alarm. Please be sure to prep for this as there are no refunds for noncompliance.

Friday – At the moment, NCM has not rented the track for testing, they have agreed to a 1pm move in, if you arrive earlier you may have to wait until 1pm at the main gate. Registration and tech open 5-7pm. Getting through tech on Friday will make for a more relaxed Saturday morning (for all of us J).

You are welcome to walk or ride your bicycle around the track. Help with air fence around 5pm will be welcomed.

Saturday – At NCM we don’t have the luxury of running overtime at all. No bikes on track after 5:30pm. In order to get you the maximum amount of track time, we have to start a little early. Registration and tech open at 7:00am. Registration and tech close during the 2nd call of the mandatory 7:50 riders meeting and reopen after. Attending riders meeting is more important than being ready for your first session. Riders meeting will be held at tech.

If this is your first time riding with us, welcome to the club! Please be sure to read through our track day guide:

If it’s your first time racing with us, you’ve been missing out! Here is the link to our racing rulebook and be sure to attend racer meeting following morning riders meeting:

To sign up for Race Clinic:

Camping is allowed. Garage, RV and outside electric have to be purchased through NCM. Context them directly 12707774507.  Bathrooms and showers are available.

Any questions?