Tips for Gateway Sept 17th-18th

MCRA Gateway Round 6, Tips For The Weekend


Gateway is asking that we do not show up too early, our contract starts at 1pm. You can park outside the gate by the main entrance until 1.

When the gate opens at 1pm it will be open for the rest of the weekend. Once “normal” gate hours are over (7pmish), no trailers can leave the facility without title/proof of ownership or accompanied by the race director.

When pulling onto the facility Friday make a left and go past Security booth and drive into infield and sign waiver. Please do not set up your pits until all set up work is complete on the track. If you set up your pits before track set up is done, you will be publicly criticized all weekend over the P/A and social media and a note will be added to the MCRA archives so no one will ever forget your indiscretion.

Air fence set up will start at 2pm and straw bales will start about 4:30pm. We will be pulling a name to give away one track day to a lucky club member for helping out. We’ll have a cooler of water.

Registration will be open from 5-8pm for your convenience. Don’t forget your drivers license and racing license, if applicable.


If you were able to register and tech on Friday, you will be able to casually make your way to the 8:15am riders meeting held in the Drivers Meeting Room. Otherwise registration and tech will open at 7am. All participants must attend the 8:15am riders meeting.

Race Clinic will meet in drivers meeting room after the 8am riders meeting.

If you are new, welcome to the club and be sure to read through all the track day info here…

Saturday after last bike in, we’ll be having a pot luck dinner and everyone is welcome. We’ll have some burgers, dogs and drinks along with whatever else shows up.

Looking forward to a great weekend with all of you.