Track Days

This is what you can expect at a motorcycle track day with MCRA:

(Click HERE to view the MCRA Track Day Manual.)

    When you first get to the track, either the night before or that morning, you find a spot to designate as your pit area. Registration and technical inspection (tech) open at 7 a.m. on the event day. Some events hold tech the night before. Check the MCRA Forum for announcements.
    Riders are divided into 3 different classes: Novice, Intermediate and Expert. Only one class is permitted on the track at a time. A class session will last approximately 20 minutes in which they are permitted to run on the road course. Each session is scheduled to give each class as much track time as possible while still allowing time between sessions to get breaks and learn how to improve their personal skills. Although riders may start out in one class, instructors and track monitors may request riders to move up or down a class to better suit the rider’s skills.
    All motorcycles will have to pass an on-site safety inspection before being allowed to enter the road course. Each class have specific requirements for inspection, but in general Tech will be looking for the following:

    • loose bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc
    • fluid leaks
    • anti-freeze replaced with water-wetter/Engine Ice (TTT exempt)
    • mirrors, turn signals, headlights and taillights taped or removed
    • overall safe operation of the motorcycle
    All riders participating in the Track Day sessions will be required to wear specific safety gear. The general requirements for all classes are Full Leathers or Aerostitch type suit with either a one piece or a 360 zip-together two-piece design, Full-Face Helmet with face shield, Leather Boots and Gauntlet Style Gloves.
    After tech inspection, you return to your pit area. You may see Rider Coaches on the track for an initial sighting and warm-up session. Listen up for an announcement about the riders’ meeting — this is a short meeting (about half an hour) focused on track learning rather than theory. You’ll also be notified of any changes to the schedule, track hazards and other important information to enhance your track day.
    Pending weather and safety conditions, you can expect about seven 20-minute track sessions per event. To ensure safety and to maintain a controlled environment with minimal track traffic, all riders are categorized into riding classifications according to skill level (see above) and the number of participants per group is limited. Some minor bike preparation is required, depending on riding group.
    MCRA track days are rain or shine events.  In the case MCRA does have to close a event, rain checks will be issued.