Grom Racing

MCRA will be offering the chance to participate in a short race on your Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125, or Grom Clone at the end of the day on Sunday at our Gateway events!


Riders/bikes must go through tech to get Grom Sunday Fun Day sticker. See something say something rule inspection. Register Saturday to make things easier on everyone. Sign up will end 30 minutes prior to the Grom Race.

Signup sheet at tech will ask for name and helmet number. This is where they also collect money ($20 minimum donation cash or check only 100% goes toward Road Racing World Action Fund).

Name has to be on the list in order to grid.

Riders must have number on helmet and visible to corner marshals.

Race license is required.

Have to have a track day purchased to participate.

Transponders are optional.

If you wreck you’re out, do not reenter the Sunday fun day, no getting back in the fun.


Rules are subject to change.




Vehicles must be Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125 or Grom Clone

All items must remain stock unless specified below:

* No aftermarket bodywork, all OEM body panels must remain in place unless specified. Passenger pegs, grab rails, horns, OEM handlebar switches, mirrors, turn signals, taillights and housings, headlights and housings and reflectors may be removed. Front fender may be removed. If headlight assembly is removed it must be replaced with motocross style front number plate.

* OEM battery box may be modified to allow fitment of replacement rear shock.

* Aftermarket rearsets, hand/foot levers allowed; lever guards allowed. Handlebars may be replaced with motocross style handlebars mounted in the upright position only; no clip-ons or clubman bars allowed. Composimo Race Barz  and similar not allowed.

* Aftermarket exhaust allowed.

* Aftermarket rear shock and fork internals allowed. Re-valving of OEM shock and forks is allowed

* Aftermarket brake pads and lines allowed. Aftermarket “wave” or “petal” type brake rotors of the same material and maximum diameter as the OEM rotors allowed. Carbon fiber, cast iron or other exotic brake rotor materials not allowed unless stock. Over sized rotors not allowed.

* Aftermarket chains and aftermarket sprockets with any gearing allowed.

* Alternative bodywork fasteners may be used (e.g.. DZUS fasteners).

* Aftermarket filters allowed. Airbox may be replaced with pod type air filter. Throttle body may be re-positioned.

* DOT-approved tires with an S or higher speed rating must be used and the original tread pattern cannot be grooved or modified; slicks may not be used; rain tires can only be used if the event is declared wet by the Race Director

* No fuel controllers.

* No streamlining allowed.

* Rear number plates are not required.